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2024 New Tea Pre-Order Sale Launched!

2024 New Tea Pre-Order Sale Launched!

Thank you for your continued patronage of Uejima Sourokuen's products.

We are excited to announce the commencement of pre-order sales for the 2024 new tea!

We sincerely appreciate the many customers who enjoyed our new tea last year. This year, we are delighted to deliver freshly crafted new tea to all of you!

We will be offering the following varieties of new tea this year. Please enjoy according to your preferences. Additionally, we are offering sets that allow you to compare and enjoy each variety at a special price. Take advantage of this opportunity!

  • Yabukita - Embrace the Clarity of Flowing Waters

    Yabukita is a popular variety known for its fresh aroma and refreshing taste, enveloped by clear flowing water.

  • Tsuyuhikari - Taste the Refreshing Morning Dew

    Tsuyuhikari is a popular tea with a refreshing and elegant aroma, reminiscent of morning dew, and a smooth taste.

  • Saemidori - Dive into the Deep Green of the Forest

    Saemidori offers a vibrant green color, refreshing aroma, and deep sweetness, ideal for those who enjoy exhilarating flavors.

  • Saeakari - Capture the Elegance of Dusk

    Saeakari boasts an elegant fragrance reminiscent of the light of dusk and a graceful sweetness, perfect for those seeking a premium tea experience.

  • Goko - Embrace the Robustness of Endurance

    Goko features a rich aroma and intense flavor, embodying the robustness and richness of a land enduring harsh winters.

  • Hoshun - Experience the Vibrancy of Spring

    Hoshun exudes the lively fragrance of spring and a rich, aromatic flavor. It's an ideal choice for gifting, offering a sense of luxury suitable for special occasions.

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