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Our History in Tea Cultivation

Here, we would like to introduce the history of Uejima Sourokuen. Since 1835, starting with the first generation, Tokusaburo, we have proudly been producing tea as a tea farming family in Kyoto, Wazuka Town for many years.

First Generation - Tokusaburo Uejima (Edo Period)

In 1835 (the Edo period), Tokusaburo, the founder of UEJIMA SOUROKUEN, ventured into tea farming by establishing a separate household in Wazuka, inheriting tea fields and rice paddies from the main family. The typical rural life of a Wazuka farmer began, cultivating approximately 300 tsubo (about 990 square meters) of tea fields.

Second Generation - Tetsuzo Uejima (Meiji Era)

Tetsuzo, the second generation, maintained cultivation while raising cattle. In this era, manual tea production was predominant, involving hand-picking and hand-processing, slowing down the expansion of the operation.

Third Generation - Kinoji Uejima (Taisho to Showa Era)

Kinoji, the third generation, innovated tea harvesting by introducing hand scissors instead of handpicking. He embraced mechanized tea processing and gradually expanded the tea fields during the transition from the Taisho to the Showa era.

Fourth Generation - Shigeki Uejima (Showa Era)

Shigeki, ,the fourth generation, began cultivating tea fields in 1947. Despite having no prior experience, he dedicated three years to apprenticeship with experienced tea farmers to learn tea production techniques comprehensively, from the basics to management. Upon returning home, Shigeki cleared mountainous areas, established tea fields, converted rice paddies into tea fields, and even created tea fields in Ide Town. This effort expanded the cultivated area to about 1,500 square meters. Shigeki, determined to make a living through tea in Wazuka, the town known for tea, focused on increasing tea fields rather than saving money. He persevered in his efforts to achieve this goal.

Fifth Generation - Noriyasu Uejima (Showa to Heisei , Reiwa Era)

Noriyasu, the fifth generation, inherited the history his father built. Since April of 1977, at the age of 22, he began assisting his father in tea cultivation and retail. After graduating from high school's agricultural tea industry program, he encountered the importance of producing tea that consumers desire. This realization led him to focus on custom tea production, ensuring safety, and environmentally friendly cultivation.

Now, our tea fields have expanded, reaching beyond Wazuka into Kyoto Tanabe City (Tencha, Gyokuro), Kamo Town (Kabusecha), Wazuka Town (Kabusecha, Sencha), and Ido Town (Natural cultivation). From Gyokuro to Sencha, Matcha, Hojicha, and various other tea variations, we cultivate tea throughout the growing season, ensuring a smooth harvest from early to late.

Join us in savoring the fruits of our generations-old commitment to the art and tradition of Japanese tea cultivation.