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Good Night Wazuka Tea (Decaf Tea)

Discover Tranquility in Every Sip!

Experience the serene essence of Wazuka with our latest creation, "Good Night Wazuka Tea," meticulously crafted by the artisans at Uejima Sourokuen. Delight in a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation as we bring you a tea like no other.

Specially crafted to help you unwind, "Good Night Wazuka Tea" undergoes a caffeine removal process using the innovative "supercritical carbon dioxide extraction" technique, ensuring a pure and natural infusion every time. This environmentally friendly process harnesses the power of water and carbon dioxide, leaving behind any worries of chemical residue.

With approximately 90% of the caffeine gently removed from the tea leaves, indulge in the rich flavors of Wazuka without the caffeine jitters. Perfect for those seeking a moment of relaxation before bedtime, expectant or nursing mothers, or anyone looking to limit their caffeine intake.

Embrace tranquility with each sip of "Good Night Wazuka Tea" – your gateway to a peaceful night's rest.

Good Night Wazuka Tea (Decaf Tea)


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